Life Groups

Life Groups are weekly bible studies that meet in the homes of our members.  We currently have two Life Groups available on Wednesday nights.  For times and directions, visit our Life Groups page.


Evangelism: Missions exist because God is not being worshiped in all places. Therefore, we are involved in spreading the message of the Gospel not just in conversation and preaching in this local area, but in all places where the name of Jesus Christ is not being lifted up.

Nicaragua: We have partnered with a local church and their pastor to help build a place where they can worship out of the elements. We desire to continue this relationship and see the church not just growing but multiplying to surrounding communities.

Church Planting: Our goal locally and around the world is to assist in spreading the Gospel to all people. We see in scripture and are convinced that the biblical model for missions is to not just make disciples but that those disciples would unite to form local congregations where one does not currently exist.


Marriage Counseling: Pre-marital and marital counselling are available by request and scheduled weekly. Counselling sessions usually last an hour and usually meet for 12 weeks.

Financial Coaching: Financial coaching is available for those who desire to manage the resources entrusted to them for God’s kingdom purposes. These services are also available by request and are also scheduled weekly with sessions lasting about an 1-2 hours and meeting for 12 weeks.