About Us



The Gathering Church began to meet in October 2011. It started when Scott Day and Luke Peterson began to talk about the need for a church that valued Jesus Christ and His Gospel above all else. There was a great need for the distinctiveness of  Gospel Centrality, Expository Preaching, Biblical Theology, Biblical Church Leadership, Church membership, and Biblical Church Discipline.

Conversations led to prayer, and prayer to reality, as God formed the Gathering and the church began meeting on N. Main Street in Jefferson, NC. By Christmas of that year the attendance had outgrown the 900 sq. ft building and Jan. 2012 found the church meeting at a new location in Jefferson.

The Church formed a constitution and by-laws and began taking members in April of 2012. As of April 2013, the building that used to house the Gathering Church was sold and the Gathering Church began meeting at a local school auditorium.

The Gathering Church received the opportunity to move into a new building on Mt. Jefferson State Park Rd. in West Jefferson, which is where the church currently meets. The Gathering Church now has over 40 members and about 100 in attendance each week.


The Gathering is a church grounded on God’s revealed Word, the Bible. We seek to follow Him intently. We believe that the Bible is sufficient for all matters of life and practice. Only through the revealed Word of God (the Bible) can anyone come to know God through the Lord Jesus Christ. We really love Jesus and want to lift Him up and enjoy Him in all we do. The reason that we exist as a church is to fulfill the Great Commission to make genuine disciples of Jesus Christ and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere.

We have a firm conviction on discipling believers and then planting other churches. We want to be missional in everything that we do. We devote 13% of our budget to supporting local and foreign missions.