“You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me… John 5:39”

The context of this verse is that Jesus is engaging the Pharisees concerning their desire to kill Him after explaining that He was God’s Son. What we believe is important, because what we believe reveals our thoughts about God and impacts how we live. This is why our theology (the study of God) acts like bones to our belief system. Without theology we are like limp pieces of flesh. Muscles without bones are useless.

So don’t get me wrong, theology is important. However, I find so many times in my heart and in many I know that theology (or what we believe about God) becomes more important to us than God Himself! These Pharisees thought life came from the Word of God but ultimately it comes from God. This is where theology becomes idolatry! I love to learn and have a voracious appetite to feed my soul so that wisdom can be planted in my soul by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lately, I love reading what concerns my deepest needs; My marriage, my family, and then ultimately the church. But, when my appetite for even these “good” things becomes more of a drive than a heart and love for God, I begin a slow compromise into idolatry. It is focused on “me” and what I believe or need etc. What we need is Him! We need Him to teach us about Himself, we need Him to parent through our parenting, we need Him to love through our loving! He is the Gospel and we cannot add anything to Him!

“Oh God please deliver us from idolizing ‘things’ you have given us. Help us oh God to not lift what we believe about You, or Your Word, above You. You are our desire, there is none we desire besides You!”