Purpose: To lead the worship team to compile, produce and lead musically while engaging the congregation in a God glorifying service.

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours a week.


  • Lead worship on a weekly basis, also be flexible for special events.
  • Commit to weekly practice with worship team.
  • Compile Worship songs each week with the aid of the worship team.
  • Be in constant communication with the preaching pastor of the week regarding themes of the sermon, and the call to worship.
  • Arrive every Sunday at 8am for soundcheck.
  • Ensure powerpoints are complete before Sunday morning arrival.
  • Schedule and lead once a month training/equipping/scheduling meeting with the worship team.
  • Be prepared to read Scripture and pray as needed during Worship (or involve members of the congregation as needed).
  • Report monthly to the Eldership team on the state of the worship team.
  • Schedule who is playing on a monthly basis to ensure continuity as much as possible.
  • Attend a Eldership Meeting once a month for communication purposes, submit to the accountability of the Elders and attend a small group.



This position is open currently on a volunteer basis for the purpose of experience and/or college credit. A small stipend is a possibility depending on circumstances.

Reports to: The Elders